Active Citizens Toolkit

A new resource for people who step up...

We're building a simple, easy toolkit for people who want to take part in the safety story of their community. From learning first aid, joining a community safety group, through to being ready to make good decisions in an emergency situation, we want people to know they can find good advice from public safety professionals quickly and easily.

Open for contributions

If you have professional expertise in public safety, and you'd like to contribute to the Active Citizens Toolkit, you can reach us at:

We'd love to hear from you if...

  • you're a professional emergency responder,
  • you work in an organisation that makes tools freely available for public safety,
  • you or your organisation create volunteering positions in public safety, or
  • you think you might have a unique insight into an aspect of safety for individuals or communities.

Developers and designers

If you're a technologist and you're interested in public safety and crime fighting, check out Police Rewired - we're a community of developers, designers, data scientists, students, academics and police officers. We build new tools to help keep people safe.

You can volunteer your skills on a project you care about, or start one of your own. We'll help you connect your skills with others to put together the perfect team.